Delivering excellence with 100% Traceability 

Family owned since 1951, Navjyot International is known for farming, manufacturing and merchandising highest-quality of conventional and organic and non-GMO products to buyers across the world.

We deliver products like cotton, oilseeds, feed ingredients, sugar, grains, cereals, bird seeds, spices and edible oils through a steadfast process from farm to the customer’s doorstep. This highly integrated supply chain let us control the process and ensure 100% traceability of all products.

We are committed to sustainability and do our part, by working with our vendors and customers to reduce our impact on the environment i.e. by constantly working on better logistic and technology. We believe in doing whatever best, we can – so we all have a better tomorrow.



Since 1951, Navjyot International is one of India’s prominent family exporters of cotton produce to all major markets across the world.

  • Raw Cotton

  • Comber Noil

  • Cotton Yarn

  • Linters



Ancient Grains

Ancient grains are considered super foods, and are in high demand world over. Due to the increase in the awareness of their nutritional qualities, consumers demand for the ancient grains is ever growing.

  • Chia Seed - Black, White

  • Quinoa Seed - Black, Tricolour

  • Fonio Seed

  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Amaranth 

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We source high quality sugar varieties from several refineries and sugar mills across India, and offer bulk shipments in various packaging sizes as per the requirement.

  • White Suga​r

  • Extra Light Sugar

  • Golden Light Sugar

  • Demerara Sugar

  • Cane Liquid Mollases


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Grains & Cereals

Due to the quality of grains and favourable logistical advantages, India is a preferred source of grains & cereals, and we are India’s established major player in trading them.

  • White Rice - Long Grain, Short Grain, Swarna

  • Parboiled Rice - Long Grain, Short Grain, Swarna

  • Broken Rice - White, Parboiled

  • Sorghum - White, Yellow, Red

  • Corn (Maize) - White, Yellow

  • Orange Corn (Maize)

  • Maize Grits / Cracked Corn (Maize)

  • Brown Rice

  • Bajra (Green Millet)

  • Ragi

  • Wheat

  • Barley

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Feed Ingredients


Our feed ingredients are processed with complete hygiene in the most advanced manufacturing units to maintain best quality and high nutritional value.

  • Soyabean Meal - Full Fat, Semi Fat

  • Soyabean - Meal, Roasted

  • Rape Seed Meal (Mustard Meal)

  • Sesame Seed Cake / Meal

  • Groundnut Meal (Peanut Meal)

  • Flax Meal (Lin Seed Meal)

  • Cotton Seed Cake / Meal - Full Fat, Semi Fat

  • Sunflower Seed Cake / Meal

  • Rice Bran Meal

  • Peas - Yellow, Green

  • Wheat

  • Barley

  • Ragi

  • Sorghum - White, Yellow, Red

  • Cane Liquid Molasses


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Bird Feed

We procure the wide range of bird feed fresh from Indian farms, sort them to maintain uniformity in size and deliver them in hygienically packed containers across the world.

  • Panicum Millet - Super Yellow, Yellow, Red

  • Safflower Seed - White, Black, Stripe

  • Safflower Seed

  • Niger Seed

  • Caraway Seed

  • Corn (Maize)

  • Maize Grits / Cracked Corn (Maize)

  • Orange Corn (Maize)

  • Raisins

  • Bajra (Green Millet) - Yellow, Green

  • Grey Japanese Millet

  • Sorghum - White, Yellow, Red

  • Buckwheat

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Our feed ingredients are processed with complete hygiene in the most advanced manufacturing units to maintain best-quality and high nutritional value.

  • Natural Sesame Seed - White, Black, Brown, Black-Brown, Golden

  • Natural Sesame Seed (Small) - White, Black

  • Natural Sesame Seed (Double Skin) - White, Black, Brown

  • Hulled Sesame Seed Meal - Auto-dried, Sun-dried

  • Sesame Seed Roasted

  • Rape Seed (Mustard Seed) - Yellow, Brown

  • Sunflower Seed - White, Black, Stripe

  • Flax (Lin Seed) - Brown, Golden

  • Soyabean

  • Groundnut (Peanut)

  • Watermelon Seed

  • Castor Seed

  • Sunflower Kernel

  • Safflower Seed

  • Cotton Seed


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Pulses, Legumes & Peas

We export pulses, legumes & peas from high-productivity regions like Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and coastal belts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

  • Peas - Yellow, Green, White

  • Kabuli Chickpea

  • Green Moong (Mung Bean)

  • Masoor Dal

  • Masoor Whole

  • Pinto Bean

  • Fava Bean

  • Haricot Bean

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Edible Oils


We supply a wide variety of oils extracted from various plant sources to the ever-increasing global demand for edible oils.

  • Sesame Seed Oil - Cold Pressed, Crude, Refined

  • Soyabean Oil - Crude, Refined

  • Cotton Seed Oil - Crude, Refined

  • Mustard (Rape Seed) Oil - Crude, Refined

  • Rice Bran Oil

  • Groundnut Oil

  • Safflower Oil

  • Flax (Lin Seed) Oil


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Spices & Herbs

Our team of expert merchants, suppliers and spice industry professionals has huge experience and vast market knowledge from harvesting, cultivation, supply, demand and consumption statistics.

  • Cumin Seed - Whole, Ground

  • Fennel Seed - Whole, Ground

  • Fenugreek Seed - Whole, Ground

  • Coriander Seed - Whole, Ground

  • Black Cumin - Whole, Ground

  • Cumin Seed - Whole, Ground

  • Turmeric - Whole, Ground

  • Black Pepper - Whole, Ground

  • White Pepper - Whole, Ground

  • Cardamom - Whole, Ground

  • Dry Ginger - Whole, Ground

  • Chillies

  • Dill Seed

  • Celery Seed

  • Tukmaria (Sweet Basil)

  • Babchi

  • Cassia Torea Semen

  • Senna Leaves


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Cosmetic Ingredients

All the cosmetic ingredients we export to our clientele around the world are in accordance with international quality standards and the specific needs of our clients.

  • Glycerine - Crude, Refined

  • Castor Oil - Cold Pressed, Virgin

  • Sesame Seed Oil - Cold Pressed

  • Flax (Lin Seed) Oil - Cold Pressed


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Raw materials found in nature, once carefully processed, become food emulsifiers that are integral part of food sector. We export naturally procured lecithin to the world.

  • Soya Lecithin

  • Sunflower Lecithin


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